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    Lani Boyle

    I am currently pursuing a degree and a career in neuropsychology. Currently, I am working as a psychometrician administering neuropsychological examinations and psychological examinations for children, adolescents, and adults. I screen for anxiety, depression, attention-deficit disorders, autism, personality disorders, mood disorders, and cognitive neurological disorders. 

    I firmly maintain the objective of providing comprehensive evaluations of each individual seen. I administer subjective assessments to learn about you and your personality, projective assessments to look into your insght and individuality, and objective assessments to best understand your cognitive functioning through each appointment, leaving no stone unturned so you can get answers about your mental health. 

    Newly starting neurofeedback administration and qEEG brain mapping, I will be able to help alter the biological waves produced in the brain to alleviate symptoms and screen for mental disorders. Brain mapping and qEEG technology have allowed me to advance diagnostic measures and create comprehensive conclusions about the biological makeup of someone’s condition. I believe strongly in providing holistic treatment practices as a first-step approach for all ages and conditions. I look forward to helping you on your mental health journey!