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    What is the Psychotherapy?

    Psychotherapy (also called “counseling” or “therapy”) is a broad term for the use of psychological methods to help a person overcome mental and/or emotional issues. At FJ Psychological Services, we use a variety of tools to help an individual cope with mental illness or life’s circumstances. We provide you with a safe, comfortable, and private space to open up and work with a therapist toward healing and change.

    Areas we specialize in

    Pursuing therapy is a brave step in dealing with whatever challenges you may be facing. At FJ Psychological Services we specialize in:

    • Depression and Anxiety

    • Grief and Loss

    • Self-Esteem

    • Eating Disorders

    • PTSD and Trauma

    • Autism

    • OCD

    • ADD and ADHD

    • Behavioral issues

    • Personality Disorders

    • Improving your relationships (see also couples and families)

    Individuals of all ages are welcome at FJ Psychological Services. Whether you need short term or long term support, our clinicians are compassionate professionals who can help guide you forward to become your best self.

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