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    Psychological/Neuropsychological Evaluation

    Our diagnostic screening, comprehensive psychological assessment, and neuropsychological evaluation services help to guide treatment planning, determine the appropriate diagnosis, and/or assist with determining correct placement or needs in academic and work settings.

    What is a diagnostic test battery?

    A group tests designed to be administered together in order to obtain a comprehensive assessment of a particular experience or phenomenon. For example, one of our providers may administer a battery of attention-related surveys to someone with ADHD to assess multiple facets of the disorder. Depending on the purpose of testing, individual tests may measure the same or different areas (or both) and may be scored separately or combined into a single score.

    Diagnostic Screening

    A diagnostic screening only takes about an hour, and is more narrow in scope than psychological/neuropsychological assessments. It is used early on to identify if someone may be at a higher risk of a specific condition or disorder and can indicate if the participant is in need of further evaluation. 

    Psychological Assessment

    Psychological assessments focus on psychiatric and developmental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. The clinician will examine the participants behavior, medical and mental health history, survey responses, and other factors to diagnose an underlying condition or clarify an existing one. 

    Neuropsychological Evaluation

    There is some overlap between the two, but neuropsychological evaluations are broader in scope and more in depth. These evaluations focus on the brain’s ability to function by testing things like reading comprehension, processing speed, learning and memory, and motor speed and abilities. Neuropsychological evaluations can assess for:

    • Intellectual Abilities

    • Learning Disabilities

    • Cognitive Abilities

    • Sensory Perceptual

    • Motor Function

    • Executive Functions and Problem Solving

    • Behavioral Concerns

    • Language Abilities

    • Visual-Spatial Skills

    • Abstract Reasoning and Analysis

    • Information Processing

    If we can not meet your needs, we can also refer you to other resources. Contact us to set up an evaluation for you or your child.