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    Anne Hoerer, QMHP

    Anne received her Masters Degree in Community Counseling at Argosy University in Schaumburg, IL in 2009.  She has been part of the FJ Psychological family since June, 2022.
    Anne has experience working in residential care and school settings.  She has worked with people of all ages and has experience in substance abuse, trauma, and mental health.  Anne enjoys working with a wide range of populations and issues, as she learns from each person she has the opportunity to be beside on their journey.  She feels the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client should be one of trust, honesty and empathy.  Anne believes therapy is similar to life as it is never a straight linear line, as for therapy to fit it has to be adjusted per each person, their own experiences and likes and dislikes.  Anne strongly believes that each person is the key to their own healing and the role of a therapist is to help the client find their strength, power and control within themself.  
    The most valuable title Anne holds is that of “Mom.”  She has 5 kids and 3 dogs that keep her busy and life full.  Anne believes each new day is a gift and an opportunity to choose to do something different.