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    Osaki OP-AI 4D+ Massage Chair

    FJ Psychological Services offers opportunities to experience our Osaki OP-AI Xrest 4D+ Massage Chair. This state of the art massage provides 20 highly individualized automatic and manual modes to give you the relaxation you deserve. The following three features are only a fraction of what the Osaki Massage Chair can do for you. 

    Descriptions are borrowed from the Osaki website.

    Smart Voice Control

    The OP-4D+ XRest has Voice Control capabilities. The commands can be used through through Alexa followed by the predetermined commands in the manual.

    Muscle Tension Detection

    Everyone has a unique anatomy with different needs, so the Xrest takes advantage of its perceptive health pro program to detect any tension in your torso area. The Xrest will then use the body scan result to tailor a massage program to your specific needs.

    Full Body Air Massage

    The OP-Xrest 4D’s incorporates 46 air cells throughout the chair to provide an intensive compression therapy.

    Osaki Massage Chair