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    Behavioral Therapy

    Our focus when working with autistic clients is to increase the quality of life, whatever that might look like for each individual. We use components of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), but most of our work emphasizes the acceptance and celebration of autism. Behavioral interventions are used to achieve self-determined goals and improve social skills. 

    Positive reinforcement is often used to encourage the development of these skills. When a behavior is followed by something that is valued (a reward), a person is more likely to repeat that behavior. Over time, this encourages positive behavior change.

    We also work on psychological flexibility, which is the ability to non-judgmentally experience obstructive thoughts, emotions, and body sensations and act effectively upon situational demands according to personally chosen goals and values. Not having this ability is often considered the root cause of unfavorable behaviors. This goal can be achieved through mindfulness techniques and building acceptance skills. 

    Increasing life skills is also often an important goal in therapy. This can include topics such as conversation skills, dating etiquette, cooking and cleaning, time management, and more. We focus on skills the client wants to develop and feels will add value to their life. 

    If you or your child is interested in behavioral therapy, contact us to set up an appointment.