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    Feeding Therapy

    Feeding therapy is a targeted intervention designed to support children in mastering fundamental eating skills and diversifying their dietary preferences. This therapeutic approach revolves around evaluating and enhancing a child’s feeding capabilities, encompassing essential tasks such as chewing, drinking, and self-feeding. A qualified therapist meticulously assesses these skills, taking into account the child’s developmental stage and individual needs.

    Moreover, feeding therapy aims to expand the variety of foods a child is willing to consume. By understanding the child’s food preferences, therapists can strategically introduce new textures, flavors, and food groups, gradually expanding the child’s palate. This process is tailored to the child’s pace and comfort level, fostering a positive and supportive environment conducive to exploration and learning.

    Central to feeding therapy is the holistic assessment of the child’s feeding behaviors and mealtime dynamics. Therapists delve into various factors influencing eating habits, including sensory sensitivities, oral motor skills, and behavioral patterns. Through comprehensive evaluation and targeted interventions, therapists equip children with the necessary skills and strategies to overcome feeding challenges and develop healthier eating habits.

    Ultimately, feeding therapy serves as a vital resource for children and families navigating feeding difficulties. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to feeding challenges and providing tailored interventions, therapists empower children to achieve developmental milestones and cultivate positive relationships with food.

    Our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Jessica Davis, is certified in feeding therapy through the Pediatric Feeding Institute. Utilizing the TR-eat model (Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment), Jessica is equipped to help your child tackle any eating challenges they may experience. To schedule an appointment with Jessica, call us today!