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    Michael Gerber, LCPC

    While I am skilled in working with a wide variety of clients, I most enjoy working with children who struggle with authority figures and themselves. I enjoy helping clients learn to know they are loved and heard. They often feel like they do not have a voice and they rebel because it has been more successful than being respectful to authority figures. The goals for the client would be learning to manage and express their feelings while learning to be respectful to oneself and then respectful to others. The child’s parents would learn and use positive parenting skills to help instill a child’s goals.

    I use both directive play therapy where I guide activities to help play out certain issues and emotions, and non-directive play therapy to allow the client to choose and then play to work with the issues at hand. Also, I teach positive parenting skills to the parents that will help their loved one by providing models, structure and rewarding the positives.

    I strive to show my clients the importance of enjoying life to the fullest. I feel blessed to share in my clients’ journeys and am eager to learn all about you. I truly enjoy hearing my client’s stories and helping them overcome things that seem impossible.