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    Group Therapy Programs

    We have two active group programs, one of which is still open for registration (click here to register). To view the schedule for these groups, scroll down to the bottom of this page. In addition to our current groups, we are working hard to start several new programs in the coming months! All the groups with an asterisk (*) are still in development, and we will update this page and our social medias when registration for them is open. 

    Designed to foster the learning and application of novel social skills. The weekly lessons cover three main themes: self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and thinking skills. The lessons last about 90 minutes and can be tailored for any age between 8-24 year olds. While this is a new program, all of the lessons are founded on evidence-based psychosocial methodology, including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and resistance-building activities. Register here.

    Basic Life Skills

    For kids aged 6-10 focusing on developing social skills. This group is led by Michael Gerber, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in play-therapy. This group will learn how to successfully navigate peer relationships and cultivate vital social skills through fun and engaging activities and games. Registration closed.

    Play-Based Group Therapy 

    This school year, FJ Psychological Services is starting a homework club for young students who struggle with getting their homework done. We will have therapists and volunteers help with homework questions while practicing emotion and behavior regulation skills. This club will be open to drop-ins and regular attendees, so whether your child is having an uncharacteristically hard time with homework one night or frequently struggles with getting through their work, this group will be there to help! If you are interested, let us know by filling out this form.

    *Homework Club

    Does your child struggle in school? Are there ways you feel their academic environment could better support them? Then maybe your child is eligible for accommodations through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 plan. The process of creating and implementing accommodations can be complicated; some common road blocks are obtaining a diagnosis, not fully understanding your options, and communicating ineffectively with the school. If you could use some guidance or education on how this process works, then let us know what you’d like us to cover by filling out this form!

    *IEP/504 Workshop

    Scheduled conveniently at the same time as our groups for kids, this group will teach parents the key parenting skills that reinforce prosocial behaviors in children.  

    *Parent Training

    An evidence-based program designed to empower and promote resiliency among LGBTQ+ youth. Confidentiality will be a top priority in the creation of this group, from billing to parent drop-off protocols. 

    *LGBTQ+ Youth Resilience 

    While we have two active groups that focus on social skills, both of them are for younger kids. This group will focus on teenagers aged 16-18 and will discuss issues relevant to their experiences. Communication, handling disagreements, anxieties about post-high school life, and more will all be addressed. 

    *Social Skills for Older Teenagers

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    Group Therapy

    Schedules for our active group programs:

    Play-Based Group Therapy with Michael Gerber
    Saturday, July 15 at 11am  
    Saturday, July 29 at 11am
    Saturday, August 5 at 11am
    Saturday, August 19 at 11am 
    Saturday, September 2 at 11am
    Saturday, September 16 at 11am
    Saturday, September 30 at 11am
    Saturday, October 14 at 11am