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    Daidra Marano, PsyD

    Dr. Marano has a forensic background in working with those found Unfit to Stand Trial and Not guilty by Reason of Insanity, both within a forensic hospital setting as well as a evaluator.  She has a history of working within the IDOC setting as both an administrator and as a Clinical staff.  The populations she works with are those with anger management issues, chronic/severe mental illness, and those with characterological deficits. She has completed some law enforcement testing and fitness for duty evaluations. She has significant experience with testing to assess for severe cognitive deficits that align with someone that may require developmental disability services.  She may also be a benefit for those requesting advisory services on their cases in question. 


    She has a supplemental background in Yoga; as an ERYT 500 level certified instructor and school.  She has trauma yoga training, substance abuse yoga training, and prison yoga training. She holds certificates in Prenatal yoga, as well as Children’s yoga.